Bergamot and Nettle Candle in Sand Dipped Pot by St Eval - A Fly Went By
St Eval

Bergamot and Nettle Candle in Sand Dipped Pot

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This lovely natural, orange and sand dipped pot is filled with the uplifting scent of Bergamot and Nettle. Rustic and earthy with soft, natural tones, this beautiful candle is inspired by the peaceful, grounding and balancing elements of earth and sky.

 7.2cm x 7.1cm


Burn time is around 20 hours.

Nestled on a working farm in North Cornwall, St Eval Candle Company was born from humble beginnings, crafting candles by hand in the family farm house kitchen. 

Keen to keep traditional crafts alive and with their spirits rooted in all things natural, they sought inspiration from their beautiful surroundings in the Cornish countryside; creating pots, candles and fragrances inspired by nature.

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