Recycled Glass Tall Serving Bowl
Recycled Glass Tall Serving Bowl
The Atlas Works

Recycled Glass Tall Serving Bowl

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This glass bowl is ideal as a serving bowl and equally attractive for display. Fill with some twinkly lights, a super food salad or several family bags of Maltesers, the choice is yours! 

The set is handmade using recycled glass, making each piece completely unique and individual with the colour and appearance varying slightly. Careful handling of this glassware is recommended, but if washing up isn’t for you, these glasses can be happily washed in the dishwasher.

17.5 x 10cm

The Atlas Works is a collaboration between two London based designers and a traditional factory in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. The range is a collection of purposeful products that combine modern design, beautiful materials, and artisanal manufacturing techniques.

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