Thermal Reusable Cup 12oz Nitro Grey by KeepCup - A Fly Went By

Thermal Reusable Cup 12oz Nitro Grey

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We're delighted to be stocking a range of fabulous reuseable cups from KeepCup. An evolution of the original KeepCup reusable cafe cup, this 12oz beauty is vacuum sealed, double wall, thermal stainless steel. Available in nitro grey, the KeepCup stainless steel is antibacterial and hygienic and won't leave a metallic after taste. A Joy to drink from lid on or off, it has a secure press fit lid so no risk of leakage.

This is the cup that started the reuse revolution. Use it and join the movement, reuse it and change the world.

6 x 6 x 12.5cm

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